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PRODUCER: Jodie Kirkbride

DIRECTORS: Zachary & Sebastian Benn

RELEASE: 2023 (on Festival Circuit)

SYNOPSIS: In an alternate reality, a recently divorced half-deer half-human cyclist is struggling to get her life together. It doesn’t help that she’s just been hit by a car. The offending driver, terrified of losing her insulated life, takes the cyclist back to her house with the intent to patch her up, befriend her, and avoid any further consequences. But when the cyclist wakes up, she has very different ideas. As tensions escalate the driver is forced to choose between her world, and the cyclist’s life.


Winner: Best Editing - Absurd Film Festival July 2022

Winner: Best Comedy -  Melbourne Cineverse Film Festival 2023

Winner: Best Comedic Acting - Katherine Sortini - Creation Film Festival Autumn 2022

Winner: Best Comedic Supporting Actress - Heather Crawford - Creation Film Festival Autumn 2022

Winner: Best Dark Comedy Short - Creation Film Festival Autumn 2022

Semi-Finalist: Australian Independent Film Festival 2023

Nominee: Best Fantasy Hybrid - Hybrid Genre Australia 2023

Official Selection: Absurd Film Festival July 2022

Official Selection: Creation Film Festival Autumn 2022

Official Selection: Glenelg Film Festival 2023

Official Selection: Melbourne Cineverse Film Festival 2023 - Best Short Films

Official Selection: Hybrid Genre Australia 2023

Official Selection: Arthurs Art Bar SALA Cinema 2023

Official Selection: Lift Off

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