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JUNE 2021: LGLU Wins x3 at Die Seriale!

Stoked to announce LOVE, GUNS & LEVEL UPS picked up a couple of wins on the weekend from the fine people in Germany at @dieseriale!!!

Firstly, a massive congratulations to @leahhmck and her sound team for winning ‘BEST SOUND DESIGN’. Her work brought Love Guns to life in ways we never imagined!

Another huge congratulations goes to @gigifc101 for winning ‘BEST COSTUME DESIGN’, with support from the extended costume team which @hunterforgedcosplay @cassandra Lee @em_with_a_camera @thatleighlandoe @suddenlygreen. And a special shout out to @ren.avenir for giving Bree credibility with her amazing cosplays!

Also, the three Fury lads @vink404 @nicholascleary_is @shanksaw picked up the ‘BEST EDITING’ award.

Congratulations to the whole LOVE GUNS team on a well deserved win!


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